Thursday, February 25, 2016

Coming home

We woke this morning to continuing damp and gray. Our last breakfast here was beautiful though, and we tried some new treats -- fresh spring rolls, French toast with rose-maple syrup, and pumpkin congee. I am not entirely certain how I feel about returning to peanut butter on toast for breakfast. Milo eats a lot -- and often -- but it is noodles, eggs, and fruit that seem to be favorites. I certainly have some things to learn in the kitchen to incorporate his "normal" into our "normal" at mealtimes. Suggestions from adoptive mamas would be much appreciated.

Much of the rest of the morning was busy with sorting and packing for the journey home. We leave for the airport at 4:30 a.m., with our first flight leaving for Shanghai before 8 a.m. Our first leg is 2.5 hours, and after another several hours of waiting, we start our final flight home -- a twelve hour stretch.

And so today, we moved, stretched, walked...around LiuHua Park. Alex particularly enjoyed the badminton games and Ping-Pong rallies going on at the edge of the park, and I think he might be envisioning a stone Ping-Pong table in our front yard. We also found among the palms and flowers a fantastic calisthenics/activity center. Silver heads bobbed above rowing machines and chin-up bars. Canes were leaned against balance machines, and although a couple of children (and one bare-chested teenager) moved among the equipment, this was definitely a playground for the aged. And it was such fun to be present. Our little family turned a lot of heads, and although we didn't speak the same language with anyone there, we had some tear-stained conversations with some very dear folks, one white-haired woman holding my hands tightly against her cheek.

Monte wrote in his journal, "Being here has changed my life in many ways...having the opportunity to witness the making of a family... The trails have been hard, but the time spent together and the beauty of China has been worth it. Milo is worth it."

Tomorrow, Milo is coming home.


Pat Duffy said...

Beautiful. Praying you all home.

Anonymous said...

Loving and praying you home...Jeanne & UmBob

Auntie Erika said...

As we sit here eating our peanut butter toast, we are rejoicing that you are soon on your way! Safe travels and lots of love!!

Victoria said...

How lovely that you experienced the wisdom of an older culture that knows physical activity is essential to good mental and emotional health. Plus which their playground looks like a lot more fun than the gym!

Jane Andy said...

I've been gone from Seaside for over 5 years. I've never stopped reading your beautiful and inspirational notes. I've learned to keep a tissue at hand. I continue to learn the lessons of love and charity that you share so generously. And beautiful pictures!!!
Thank You!
Janet Kay Shields....