Saturday, February 20, 2016


After an extremely turbulent plane ride, we arrived safely in Guangzhou last night. We were physically and emotionally spent and so very thankful to be on the last leg of our trip, settling into our last temporary space. Our agency lodges adoptive families at a very Western-style hotel, complete with smiling doormen and down pillows on the beds. We feel rather out of place, and in an attempt to balance the expense, we washed our laundry in the tub when we arrived and strung it throughout out the room to dry. I wonder if it makes the housekeepers grin -- or cringe? And although we woke to strings of still-damp socks and undershirts, we also woke to glorious warm weather. We started the day with a lovely breakfast, including watermelon juice, soba noodles, an array of fine cheeses and smoked meats, omelets, and chow mein.

Refreshed, we headed for Milo's visa medical appointment, driving palm lined streets, bright with LED billboards and tropical flowers. Everything went smoothly at each test station -- an ear/nose/throat exam, blood draw, vision test, height/weight recording, and complete physical exam where the doctor was as perplexed as we have been at Milo's uncommon CP presentation. Milo was patient with the poking and prodding, and we are thankful to have that behind us. We wait now on TB test results and our visa interview at the US Consulate, the last two things keeping us in town.

Feeling celebratory, we headed to a recommended noodle shop near the hotel where we shared dumplings, fried rice and various noodle dishes with the other Holt family traveling with us. We headed separate ways afterward, trekking nearly five miles through Yuexiu Park. Joining throngs of families enjoying the New Year's displays throughout the park, we paddle-boated on the tiny lake, made faces at the koi fish, photographed the orchids and turned a lot of heads. The weather was gorgeous, such a contrast from the stark winter edges of Beijing.

Bedtime will come early tonight, and we are ending the today a bit weary, but very thankful, with lessons learned about trust, boundaries and communication -- lessons for all of us.


Auntie Erika said...

Such fun pictures! Love seeing all the smiles...and silliness. :) Tell Milo he can come make faces at Uncle Doug's Koi anytime! Sending love to you all!

Becky Erickson said...

I love this picture, it is so natural and true in all ways. We're so, so happy for you all.