Thursday, September 18, 2014


My mama tends a garden. I understand more clearly how we are made to create, to tend the earth, because of the work of her hands, the joy she finds in the dirt and the green. I am a grateful recipient of her produce and her creativity.
Her September garden is the loveliest.  
Sweetpeas and nasturtiums embroider the fence.

Bachelor buttons edge the carrot bed.

Trellised green beans stand tall behind fragrant phlox.

Roses bloom crimson against abundant squash vines and their hidden gold.

She brings potatoes, sweet corn, and tomatoes to my door before her shoes are left at hers. And I marvel at this...the gift of learning to create and share beauty from a little patch of dirt. My mama's garden is lovely...just like my mama.

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Anonymous said...

I learned to love the earth from my mama, too, who learned it from her little mama. Grandmama told stories of potatoes fresh from the dark French earth, and Flanders poppies that blanketed the hillsides of her native village. I feel intimately and forever connected to them both every time I dig in my own garden. How can you not love that?
xo, jeanne