Friday, April 18, 2014


How can she be seven? Wasn't it yesterday that we cried together in a Vietnamese orphanage, my chin against her shorn head? And it must have been just days ago that we laughed over rice crackers and celebrated first smiles, wandering her beautiful birth country. This precious girl changed...everything. What a gift to call this tip-toeing, twirling, voraciously reading, creative girl my daughter.


Karen Leedom said...


susan said...

Tears on a shorn head, tears on a head full of coiled curls.........these babies of ours are worth every tear that has fallen.

Your daughter is a wonderful gift to all who know her. It is hard to believe she is 7 already!

Anonymous said...

So beautiful!

Sue G.

Anonymous said...

How precious to read your words, and see the beautiful, sparkling girl she has become. Makes my throat catch and my eyes puddle.

love you! jeanne & Umbob

tonia said...

Oh so soon? What a beauty!

Abbie said...

Love it! Love her, love you, love your family. Glad you are all mine.

Emma April Zimmerman said...

I remember so vividly those days of constant computer stalking to see if you had posted any more pictures. Memories of green photos, strange foods, street vendors with carts of fruits and veggies. A tiny black hairs miss with dark eyes playing hard to get with the camera.
Thank you for sharing your journey with all of us but most of all thank you for sharing your daughter.
Love and prayers,