Thursday, February 20, 2014

Winter guests

They are always lovely, but especially now in the quiet gray of winter.
 The hummingbirds, typically spring and summer guests, lingered through the seasons.
The snow brought chickadees onto the porch, finding seed at a feeder newly constructed by Malcolm (a badge-earning project through the fantastic DIY).


We had the privilege of enjoying this varied thrush for a stretch as he regained his strength and bearings after a run-in with our window.

Within view of our feeder, we have a stack of favorite bird books and our binoculars. We are rereading The Burgess Bird Book for Children
and revisiting this fun resource.
We are grateful for these feathered gifts, winter guests.


susan said...

This is lovely. But I want to see the pics of the kiddos fighting over the binoculars, and who's turn is it to fill the bird feeder!
I love dreaming that life is peaceful over in your neck of the woods ;)

Anonymous said...

So wonderful...the beauty you share!