Thursday, January 30, 2014


For months now, I have talked through this with women close to me, trying to understand  why I feel as I do. I have written drafts not published, vainly arranging letters into sentences. Last night, I found the words of two women who wrapped pieces of my heart in laughter and honesty. I hope you will read this mama's words about Facebook and "hallway talk" and comparing our lives in this context. And this funny lady?  She writes with seriousness in this post about living real life, about not getting lost in doing good things, because there is no end to good things. This is truth, her words, "I can splinter my time and energy away until there is nothing left for the people I live with, live by, live for." How I long to be whole, not splintered, useful in the place I am planted.


:: January sunrise ::

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