Friday, July 20, 2012


Our July has been more gray than gold, and the news too, all around, seems so dark in summer days that should be bright. These days are gift-filled and sweet, but just when I feel like I can settle, soak up the joy of grass-stained toes and fresh peaches and summer reading, the shadows of Ethiopia leak into the frame.

Ann wrote, "You can’t look into the face of the poor and just plead the fifth amendment. Your life is always your answer." She had just returned from Haiti, and she was trying to make sense of it for those back home, the ones casually asking about photos, as if you had pretty vacation postcards, not images branded into your heart that leave you aching, stumbling back as a stranger into your "real" life. Will you read her words?

 I don't wish to bring shadows to your days, but if we forget why we are here and forget to number our seasons, might we forget to delight in the sun-filled, to take for granted the moments? Ann wrote, "If the grace of my life is mostly where I am born, and I am born again into the family of Christ, than how can my life birth anything other than a grace that gives?" Today I am posting pictures of His gifts, some favorite moments of these July days. But I am reminded that counting His gifts calls me to give. The rain falls on this summer evening,
and I open my hands...


:: precious new niece, Monte adoring ::

:: tree house explorer and joy-bringer, Moses ::
:: plum cake, for breakfast ::

:: MyLinh's joy in the clothesline she created ::

:: celebrating faithfulness, an anniversary evening ::


Laura said...

Love your heart and your eyes that see the joy..grateful for you. Xoxoxoxoxo

Gram said...

Love the picts. :o)