Tuesday, June 19, 2012


It is difficult to write in this space sometimes. Do I have something worth telling? If I don't have something to share that makes others reach heavenward, is it worth writing? Do these photos and words make me, or do I make them? If I can't clearly write something that is soul-satisfying, should I even waste the reader's time with posting?

And so I haven't posted. I have photos (showing that I have yet to finish reading Understanding Exposure on my bookshelf) and half-written posts of jumbled words that tell of days, rich and full, tumbling from spring into summer with rain and tattered end-of-the-school-year math books and new guitar chords as background music and a five year old on two wheels with a smile that is rainbow in the damp gray.

I don't know if I can carve something lasting in a space this ethereal.  But I do know that I am called to leave standing stones, a mark that I was here and God was good, even if I can't make my camera capture the moments or my words adequately tell of His story and mine entwined.

And so I write...


mama said...

Oh, but you do....and so well! so happy to see you here again in your space.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading them for us who weren't here when you began adopting it is humbling to read what she has went thru What you have went thru to overcome all the obstacles that it takes to adopt. So it is a pleasure to read your blog.. Thank you

Anonymous said...

Your words are always, ALWAYS inspiring, comforting, soothing or delighting...or all of the above. Write, when your heart stands on tiptoe, and write when you have "nothing" to say. Just write! (They are words of Another Voice)
~ jeanne