Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer is here

Summer is here. June has given us only drops of sunshine, but I heard the bullfrogs last week, the heralds of this season. And there are other signs too...

Guitar lessons were held on the lawn.

Greens unfolded in the garden, in the woods, everywhere. 

I have had moments to sew, and a few afternoons allowed bare arms.

We celebrated Daddy, and I thanked God again for this man who walks with such strength and kindness as he leads our family.

Rain is forecast for the weekend, but today, the lawn mower rumbles, with Monte driving. MyLinh is riding her bike, two pink wheels whirring fast to keep up with Malcolm. Moses is staying close to mama until the lawn mower is safely parked, and soon he will be standing on a chair to help make strawberry jam.

Welcome, summer.


MD said...

Loving all of this, but my favorite is the picture of the familiar shoes. Missing you. I am so thankful for you in my life that I feel like I should not complain about the physical distance that is presently between us. My heart aches though(:

mama said...

yes. we need to always welcome our visitor, no matter how briefly she stays. we will celebrate her and each other this evening with s'mores around the fire.