Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring links...

Spring has peeked in here, first shy and then demanding to be noticed. We aren't minding too much the fickleness of this season's change, as we are delighting in so many of the gifts.

Such sweetness, the chirr-chirring of the newly arrived hummingbirds at our waiting feeders, and, oh, the birding that is going on at our house! We are watching the Cooper's hawks like they are watching our little flock of chickens, and the boys are enjoying this resource from Cornell University, perfect for our budding ornithologists.

When we aren't out exploring (particularly enjoying this site as a resource), we are curling up with some good reads lately as well, and some of the recent favorites on our shelves are Moses: When Harriet Tubman Led Her People to Freedom, The Usborne Art Treasury, and The Empty Pot.

When the stacks of books have been exhausted and still the rain pours, paper dolls have been a favorite project here. MyLinh delighted in this sweet little doll today, a free printable here.

This table is a hub here, long enough for school books or kids' projects at one end and still room for mama's sewing machine at the other end (and easy access for all to the binoculars for a peek at the geese on the pond). I have been sewing a little, with a machine and encouragement gifted by a dear friend and inspiration from my creative sister and mama living next door. My next project is this sweet pattern, and Moses will be puddle stomping well into summer wearing these

Thanking God for the gift of spring today...

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Gram said...

Thanks for the sweet peek of Spring at your house. :o)