Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Oh... Ann's post today rang within me. She wrote the words that have tumbled around in my head and heart for months now. This understanding of thanks-giving, the giving of thanks to the Giver of all, is such an integral part of life. If we forgot what we are made for, then we forget why we live. In our tidy, safe lives we don't need hope or grace because we haven't ever known physical need. We don't ache for the broken because we don't know the broken.

Today, as we scratch out on paper our gratitude for His gifts, may our hands and feet work out our gratitude so that others may see, may know, may live. May I share a few of Ann's words today?

"That is the insidious danger of wealth — that it makes you blind. Blind to the hungry Christ and the thirsty Christ and the suffering Christ in humanity. Affluence can anesthetize you to God and belongings can blind you to Christ and isn’t this why it’s hard for the rich to enter heaven – blind and visionless to Christ?
Jesus’ life, it was a cruciform life, a cross-shaped life, from beginning to end, and those who claim Christ aren’t only saved by a crucified Savior – their lives are shaped by the crucified Savior.

Because the cross is the key to life — and it’s resurrected in the midst of the poor and the oppressed and the suffering. And when we don’t see the suffering, when we don’t stand in solidarity with the suffering, when we don’t surround our lives with the suffering – we never form our life like our Savior’s.

A Word-shaped life is not a wealth-shaped life but a cross-shaped life.

I have no wild idea how to do this."

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