Friday, January 28, 2011


A piece of my heart is still in Africa.


I imagine that all who travel leave pieces of themselves along the way. A newly married college student, I returned from my first trip abroad leaving a kindred friend waving from a castle in England. Passport stamps were added over the following years, including one from a trip to Paris with my sister, where heart pieces are yet the sidewalk of the cobbled street of Rue Cler. Then there was a new passport...and a trip to Vietnam, and two left on that trip and three came home. It was a miracle, and my heart won't ever be the same, and there are pieces of my heart by a tall, metal gate and in the almond eyes behind barred windows in an orphanage and in the quiet of Halong Bay.

And Africa...a piece is there yet, an unsettled-what-next-how-to-love-serve-now-that-I-have-seen piece that pulls.

Two of the lovely mamas that we met while bringing Moses home are returning to serve through Look Development, a ministry that is constructing long-term orphan care homes, a child sponsorship program and a medical clinic, among other projects in the region where Moses was born. We were thrilled to learn that one of the ways we could be a part of this trip was to send money for a specific project. We are hoping to send money for cows for the orphanage, which would be purchased on the arrival of the team from the US. Our goal is to raise $1,800 for this milk project, with funds ready to send with the team in May. This isn't comfortable for me, this posting and asking, but I am learning a lot about this life of Jesus-walking, and I know He isn't asking me to be comfortable. I am yet amazed at the generosity that you poured out while Monte dreamed of water for Africa, and I bring this to you only to let you know that if you are looking for a way to love the "least of these," it would be a joy to have you be a part of this.

There is a  little incentive too for you to be a part of this milk project. At the end of February, I will randomly draw a donor's name and send $10 worth of Organic Valley coupons given by my dear farming friend who waits to bring home her two youngest sons from Ethiopia. Will you join us?


MD said...

I will join you(:

Anne said...


Anonymous said...

Love this. Wish I could ship a few of our "girls" to Ethiopia:)

Jesus tells us to seek, knock and ask. May you find peace in your boldness as you continue to put one foot in front of the other.


Sarah & Daniel said...

Yes, we will join you! Please, how can we contribute?

mom and dad said...

count us in!

contented sparrow said...

yes! wondering how to give, as well?