Friday, December 10, 2010

6 months, 1 year

:: referral photo ::
Six months ago we met our Moses. We had two photos of this wide-eyed boy, yet how we loved him. Such a crazy love that sent us across the world to reach for that chocolate skinned babe, ache to touch those black curls... And when we met him, such a dear bundle holding our hearts, he was sick and weak. At six months old he was unable to bear weight on his legs or hold his head steady.

:: meeting mama ::
We flew back home across the oceans, ripped open by this country of his birth, by what we had seen and heard. And then this precious boy captured every heart that looked into his eyes...

:: June ::

And Moses he grew! He sat and clapped and gave wet kisses, and we thought our hearts would burst. Big brothers dote while sister fusses over him, and Daddy lights up just like Moses when their arms find each other at the end of the day.

:: July ::

:: October ::

Moses is a year old now, signing "please" and "all done" and chirping "hi" when the phone rings. He is cruising, pulling up on everything and doling out those wet grins with such generosity that Monte told me not long ago, "Sometimes I get out of bed just to see Mosey smile."

:: November ::

I think we all do. God is so good.


Anonymous said...

Today, I just was thinking back to the day you popped in at coffee with that picture of Moses. The anticipation, the joy and the love... oh, the love. Little did we know then how much more all of our hearts would be challenged because of that precious little one. He is a keeper!!!! Wet drooly kisses and all!

Love and prayers,

SaraLyons said...


Anonymous said...

So much happened in a short 6 months. Amazing what LOVE can all of us.
Thanks for sharing your precious babe with all of us.


Laura said...

Love you Moses...those wet kisses and that amazing giggle of yours! Can't wait to squeeze that little man again! Praise God for these little miracles in our lives.

Kristen said...

so so sweet. God is so good.

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