Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My challenge...and yours, Day 24

Will you please read the first post in this series if you haven't already?

This nativity scene has been on my kitchen table since I brought it home from the thrift store weeks ago. I have felt just a bit self-conscious about it though. I have never had a creche as centerpiece in October...or in November, for that matter. It feels strange to have Jesus in the middle of the table in autumn. But I have delighted in this...baby Jesus in pink, the camel sleeping and Mary's expression so tender. I just haven't been able to box the nativity up, knowing it will have such a short time in the spotlight of December.

It was as I wiped dinner crumbs from around this moss-framed scene today that the thought struck me, how brief is the season that we focus on Him. We are coming on a season where Jesus is so lovely, so lovable. In December the focus is on Him as a helpless babe, and we read His story, illustrate it with lights, speak His name in each merry greeting, and give in His name. But...the spotlight will dim in January, won't it? Once the star of Bethlehem has faded and the silent night has turned to harsh dawn, we have resolutions to attend to and new school schedules, and Jesus isn't quite as lovely or lovable. When the manger is tucked away, Jesus becomes the Man who called us to walk differently, to love extravagantly, to forgive abundantly, to give all. And this Jesus is little more difficult to be associated with, a little messier to explain than the one swaddled and haloed. But we can't box up the creche after Christmas, because the journey is just beginning...and so I am praying that this scene on my breakfast table will remind me that Jesus is the center always, regardless of the season.

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tonia said...

I have my nativity set out all year long now...and a picture of Mary and Jesus next to my bed. I started that a couple of years ago and I love having their "presence" throughout the days.

I'm so looking forward to this season.