Sunday, October 10, 2010

My challenge...and yours, Day 14

Please read the first post in this series, if you haven't already.

So...who has finished reading The Hole in Our Gospel? I want to challenge you to do so, as Alex and I have committed to putting $10 in Monte's well fund for each reader that finishes the book before Thanksgiving and writes us their response. I don't have to post your words here, but my hope is that in collecting your thoughts into a letter or e-mail, you will be able to process this. Today, I want to share today a dear friend's response...

It has been a few months since I have read this book, but I will try to put a few thoughts together.

This book caused me to think outside the walls I have built around my life. To put feet to my faith; action to my beliefs. The example Richard Stearns shows through the immense change in his lifestyle is inspiring.

There is no "hole" in the gospel. It is whole, the good news that Christ died for me. So I guess I am the hole. My life needs to be shaken up, to waken from what the world is telling me. I am living the American dream baby! Boy, it sure is uncomfortable to think about 147 million orphans, AIDS, sex slavery and Christians being persecuted around the world.

Yes, this book caused me to think. Not in the sense that I will change the world and there will be no more injustice; that's in the Lord's hands. I need to not feel discouraged that I can only do so little so why do anything at all.

And I need to put words to my faith. To not only act, but to share the Gospel as well. Why is that harder for me than action?

May you continue to seek Him, as He promises to be found...Jeremiah 29:13.

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thecurryseven said...

I finished the book and wrote a response on my blog. Here's the link:

If you want me to send you an email copy, let me know.

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