Monday, October 4, 2010

My challenge...and yours, Day 12

If you haven't read the first post in this series, will you do so now?

Did you give thanks today, purposefully remembering His gifts?

I woke up after a short night to a crying baby and broken garbage disposal...and I forgot to give thanks for those tear-stained cheeks and the sink that was filled with clean water.

I stumbled through math lessons with my third grader, the din of squabbling siblings nearly undoing both of us...and I forgot to give thanks for the stack of textbooks and abundance of pencils and the the sweetness that followed the squall (eventually).

I groaned at readying the house -- yet again -- for a showing, swabbing floors free of Cheerios and scooping damp towels and toys and exhausted at the thought of errand running at naptime...and I forgot to give thanks for --yet again -- a showing and the sun that beckoned us away from the to-list and found tired babes and mama exploring a state park in blustery sunshine.

I am remembering, today, to ask Him to "...teach me to number my days that I might gain a heart of wisdom." (Psalm 90:12) Have you done the math, not just the counting of the gifts but the counting of your days? I don't know how many I have left, but I know that they are finite, that there is a number. Today, I am remembering to ask for perspective. And I am asking with thanksgiving.


Kristen said...

Finally got the chance to catch up on your posts. Thank you... your post today specifically spoke to me, because I feel my patience short and I forget to be thankful for all God has given me. I don't deserve it one bit, yet He chooses to bless us.
I love you sweet sis of mine.

Mark and Sarah said...

Love this post. Just what I needed today, Riann. Thank you.

jan said...

and me too.... great post. i am LOVING the season we are in and am thanking Him continually for the abundance of small stuff blessings :)

momtoo said...

Thankful for the gift of expression God has given you. Really appreciated this post.
Love you,