Saturday, May 29, 2010

To Durame

Just a quick note on the hotel's computer... My apologies that the photo of Moses did not load on my last post. I am posting via e-mail and don't quite have the hang of this yet.

We woke this morning to pre-dawn prayers at the nearby mosque. It was an eerie, haunting way to start the Sabbath. We are exhausted after a crazy day yesterday. We did some cultural sightseeing, enjoyed an Ethiopian dinner and dancing and delighted in every minute of our two hours with our babes at the care center.

We had a visit with the Dr. at the care center, and Moses seems healthy. He gained 6 pounds since coming in to Addis 2 months ago, and he is tipping the scale at 19 pounds! He is beautiful, and he is loved. His whole face lights up when he sees his nannies, and that makes my heart so very full. We did play a bit before he crashed in our arms... He has a ways to go before catching up on strength.

We leave at 6:00 a.m. for our 6 hour drive to Durame. We will be traveling with the six other couples in our group (fantastic folks), but the trip sounds a bit daunting. We have seen some very difficult things through van windows in the past 48 hours...

Need to run as others need the computer. Sending much love and asking for prayers and safety as we overnight in Durame.


mom said...

so happy to hear from you again. cannot imagine all that you are experiencing. hug our baby for all of us. mama

Anonymous said...

We can't wait to hear more and see more of your trip. I am glad you have others to share in your journey together. We had a fantastic time at coffee with you and Moses on Friday afternoon! The sun was shining and we all celebrated the fact that Moses was in your arms!

Love and prayers,
April and family

Abbie Laine said...

I'm with mom: can't imagine. Wish you could have seen the facebook pics of April and coffee ladies waving Moses' face around on popsicle sticks (April made them as coffee favors)...we are celebrating with you, and some of the "we" in pretty dear and creative ways.

Anonymous said...

Riann & Alex

Such beautiful pictures of Moses, I can't wait to see him smile for you. Will pray you have a safe trip, I know the Lord is with you as you travel.


Papa B and Gram said...

He is absolutely beautiful and looks like he belongs in your arms.
Praying for all of you and the sweet babes at home with Nana.

Love Papa B. and Gram

Beth said...

Yea!!! Today I can see the picture!!! What a sweet sweet baby...I love seeing his hands on your arm and your hand. What a wonderful family he has welcoming him! Off to google looking forward to seeing your lights at night :)
Safe travels, many prayers...Beth

Melody said...

Oh these pictures make me cry. he is just so beautiful.