Thursday, May 6, 2010

The call I didn't want

Moses isn't coming home next week. There is a piece of paperwork that hasn't been completed by the Ministry of Women's Affairs in Ethiopia.

And so, we wait some more.

We are thankful to trust in a God who calls Himself the Father to the fatherless.


Auntie Erika said...

Oh Ri, so sorry to hear about the extended wait. We will continue to keep you and your little one in our prayers.

Ali Freudenthal said...

We are adopting too, and I have been following your blog, our court case got rescheduled for the 18th!:( Did your get rescheduled? How many times did you have to do the court thing? I'm sorry about your news, I know it is disappointing, but you are right, God's timing is perfect!

Tyffany said...

Sorry to hear that!! I am praying for you guys. "And the peace of God which surpassess ALL UNDERSTANDING will guard your hearts and your minds in christ Jesus." Phil. 4:7 I am looking forward to rejoicing with you from afar when you bring your son home.

contented sparrow said...

Hello, I just found you because you had linked to my timeline. I've been sitting reading through all your archives. I'm so pleased to have "met" you. You and your family are soul-beautiful. Yes, continue to hold on to Him and His EXACT, PERFECT plan for you and for Moses! I'll pray and anxiously (patiently) await the wonderful news!
Blessings to you, Megan

Anthony and Rebecca said...

Riann, We are sorry to hear of the delay. Our prayers are with you!

Delena said...

Major bummer! But who can argue with His perfect timing. Hoping you can find something to pass the time. :)