Monday, May 31, 2010

Back from Durame

We are back from Durame, an incredible experience. I don’t have words to describe what the last two days have held, but in the few minutes I have at the computer, I will try…

The six hour trip to Durame, the village where Moses was found, was a crazy one. The road was rough, but the scenery was amazing. Once outside the city, round, thatched homes dotted lush green hillsides. Small children herded cattle, sheep, goats, and we were constantly swerving to avoid wandering cows, stubborn donkeys and people…people everywhere.

The most incredible part of the brief time we spent in Durame was the meeting of the dear woman that found our son. She wept when she saw Moses’ picture, and through a translator she kept expressing her thanks to God for his health and us, his new family. She had walked, barefoot, from the outskirts of town to sit in that tiny room with us… I will never forget that day or her dear face.

There was so much that we experienced…dirty, hungry children, begging, clinging to us. Hotel staff threw rocks at them to keep them away. Alex felt like Grandpa Jay as he handed out candy and fruit leather. So much to tell, but I have lost my time.

It was a gorgeous, jostling ride back to Addis with a wonderful group of traveling companions to now bring Moses back to the hotel! Hopefully we will keep photos and news coming, but internet is hard to get, and it appears that our photos are not downloading easily. Thankful for your prayers. Pray for the people of this lovely country.


Anonymous said...

I have read that adoption is not for the faint of heart and that once you travel to Ethiopia you will not be the same again. Your words to us have proven this is true.

Thank you for being a radical example to us all.

love you bunches.

please tell Deanna not to give Malcolm a fireball candy at church even when he says "I wike them."
FYI "too hot"

Christie said...

Would love to spend hours hearing your stories, my heart is so touched!
Finally saw Moses' picture, oh how precious!!!!!!!!!!!!
We're praying,

Abbie Laine said...

Oh, Ri and Alex. What a gift God is giving us through your son and your journey to get him. Our eyes are brimming with the world made wider and God's heart revealed in the lined face of a barefoot woman. How beautiful are those feet.

mom said...

we are counting down to fri.! cannot wait to hear all your stories...and to see your faces. i am so happy that you are there, tho, following the path the path in which the Lord has led. What an adventure..especially for us who are fortunate enough to travel vicariously with you.

Pat said...

I am touched by your words and could listen to your stories for hours. Hope one day to be able to. The picture of Moses appears now (dont know why the trouble the other day) and I am seeing a most beautiful baby Moses. You are both such a wonderful example of Christs love in action. Praying for safe travels on your journey. Pat

Colleen said...

Amazing that you got to meet the woman who found Moses! What a gift!

When I was sitting in Church yesterday, I thought we are not the same without Riann and Alex here.

Hurry home.