Sunday, May 23, 2010

...and we're off!

We are sitting in the airport, books in our laps. Alex is reading There is No Me Without You, and I have been engrossed in The Help. Our plane has just arrived outside, and within hours we will be in the skies, heading toward Iceland.
Minutes ago, a Korean Air flight roared through the gray Seattle skies. Just over two years ago, we were sitting in this same terminal, in this same lounge, watching the same Korean Air jet pull up to the jetway. We held hands and practiced our Vietnamese phrases and tears came. MyLinh was waiting a world away. It is incredible to be here have that day feel so close and so long ago. This morning we cuddled and kissed that sweet sparkle of a daughter, unable to remember life without her in our arms.
Today, we dream of Moses, imagining him wrestling with doting brothers and dear sis. We are thankful to so many that have made this journey possible. Kiss our babes for us while we are away...
...and we're off!


Cameron and Megan said...

SAFE TRAVELS!!!!! Go love on your son!

Sharon said...

annnnd you're about to make tears come MY way. ;)

Abbie Laine said...

Oh, Ri! So thankful for your last blog of a goodbye...every little bit is something more shared with us of your journey, and even a photo of your plane is a connection. Hope you are not missing an itinerary we found in the van....can't wait to hug the kids tomorrow. We love you so tremendously, and love to Darran and Sarah and family!

Sarah said...

Just came here to tell you we have fresh roll rising in this beautiful weather that we are having. There will be some for your arrival here. We are all very excited.
Not sure if you'll read this but in case you did I thought I'd let you know. I see your flight to Heathrow is 15 mins early. VERY SOON NOW!! xxx

Just read your note too Abbie. Love to you too. Will be excited to hear all your news from Alex and Ri when when we see them. xxx

Colleen said...

"every little bit". this is so like two years ago, waiting for MyLinh!! AND now we know how sweet the prize can be! keep going:)

Anonymous said... this thing on? Hey...we are waiting for an update. You are probably much too busy catching up with Sarah and family. I don't blame you. Carry on.
Oh, and by the way "no news".
love you guys,

Papa B and Gram said...

Been thinking of you all throughout the excited and impatient to see you with Moses in your arms. Love you!

Anonymous said...

Once again we are all going to be glued to our computers waiting for updates but this time it will be for Moses. A different country, another blessing...a little boy, a son.
The same excitement,anticipation and amazement of how God is bringing a family together through His amazing handiwork. It is such a blessing to all of us to share in your journey and be a part of story. This will be the hottest blog in the Naselle-Grays River Valley.

Love and prayers,