Wednesday, April 28, 2010


We have so much to learn about Ethiopia.

One amazing piece of the history of this country is its long history of Christianity. In the 4th century AD, two Tyrian men, bound for India, survived a shipwreck in the Red Sea and became servants in the Ethiopian king's household. Eventually, the men were given positions of influence as tutors to the king's young son and were permitted to proselytize this "new" religion of Christianity publicly. And so...the church in Ethiopia was born. In the 7th century, Muslim conquests cut Ethiopian Christians off from the rest of the world, but despite a growing Muslim population and religious tension today, the Christian faith is actively practiced, with many Jewish customs (circumcision, animal sacrifice, etc.) still a part of the worship of Ethiopian Orthodox believers. Enjoy the slideshow of Egyptian and Ethiopian churches, including the famous churches carved from rock in Lalibela:

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