Thursday, January 7, 2010


This box, lovingly crafted by my sister, has been collecting paper for months now. Until today, it held letters of reference thoughtfully penned by dear friends, medical reports from our doctor, passport photos, police clearances, marriage and birth certificates, our agency's homestudy report, notarized bank letters and income tax forms...and more. This stack of papers, a picture of our lives in both the most intimate and practical perspectives, is called the dossier. And today, with 6 hours logged on the road for a seal from the Secretary of State, we completed it.

Our dossier has one more stop in the states before it heads to Ethiopia, and as I stood at the counter waiting to mail it, I was reminded that this was the last part of this process that we have control over. This was it...this was a piece of us...packaged in an 8x11 envelope, miraculously bringing us closer to our little one. The clerk casually took the envelope -- such a great weight she lifted -- and she asked the perfunctory question, "What is the declared value?" I fumbled for words. I can't now recall what I stuttered, but I know what I felt like answering,



Jennifer said...

Priceless, indeed.

Congratulations on this huge hurdle...we did the same a month ago and it is now firmly in the hands of Holt staff in ET. I hope yours gets there quickly too!

I was so relieved to be done with "our piece" of the paperchasing, gathering, certifying, we wait with you!

Sharon said...

That's great!! Someone told me to plan something fun to make my trip to the capital (for the certification) fun, but isn't getting that stamp fun enough?

Tamara B said...

It feels so good to get that done... we sent ours yesterday. But like you, I was recognizing that we have no more control over our slow process :)

Jason said...

CONGRATULATIONS! We know what a huge milestone this is and celebrate it with you. Cannot wait to hear more!

Abbie Laine said...

YAAaY! ...all things Beautiful in His time. What a beautiful envelope!

MD said...

Awesome...I cannot wait to hear about an upcoming church bazaar(: