Saturday, December 12, 2009

Thank you

While in the process of bringing MyLinh home, I followed the blogs of other adoptive parents, rejoicing with every update and travel approval, agonizing with the inevitable delays. I clicked the refresh button much too often, somehow feeling closer to our daughter when we watched others -- strangers, most of them -- connect with their children. How incredibly thankful I am for the transparency of those families that chronicled their stories, no two the same, but each containing shreds of hope, wisdom, and humor, so necessary in a journey where we felt sometimes solo travelers.

When we started our blog, it was incredibly encouraging to have others follow, encouraging and rejoicing with us. The other day a friend commented how much she had enjoyed following our blog while we were in Vietnam, what a blessing it was for her and so many. What she didn't realize was what an incredible blessing it was for us to have so many along, journeying with us in a way. I struggle to come up with a word picture to express our gratefulness for those that walked with us in this online community, but the best I can do is ask you to imagine your wedding, a day that you dreamed of and planned for, one of the most important days of your life. And then imagine walking down the aisle in an empty one there to share your joy, to cry with you at the beginning of this new chapter, offering wisdom and encouragement. Perhaps it is just simple self-centeredness that makes me so grateful for this cloud of witnesses walking beside us and before us. But, we are grateful. So very, very thankful for each of you.
MyLinh, update photo from autumn 2007

Our sparkling girl, autumn 2009


Anonymous said...

What a lovely picture and comparison.....this is such an
indescribable journey, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Amazing what LOVE can do to a person.

uncle susan

irishhende said...

That last picture of her is beautiful. It really captures her sweet little personality.

I'm so looking forward to having you do my pictures in the spring. You have such a talent with the camera!

Abbie Laine said...

Beautiful. The whole thing.

Ann said...

It isn't self-centeredness--it's the desire to be surrounded by the love of God and each person who is in your "audience" represents another piece of God's bounty :-) It has been a joy to follow your journey and build a friendship. We look forward to following your next journey--and your next ;-)

J and J said...

She gets cuter by the minute! the Lord has blessed you richly with such a vibrant little girl!