Friday, October 2, 2009


Returning to our car in the Fred Meyer parking lot this week, we found something tucked on our windshield.

It had been a roller coaster week, emotionally, finding that all the responses to our adoption had not been quite what we hoped for. "How can you do it financially?" and "Where will you put the new ones?" and "This will be hard..." These words began to unravel my courage, even when Alex walked ahead of me with peaceful strength.

The e-mails from friends and family began to trickle in, perfectly timed in their appearance in my inbox. A note arrived in my mailbox from a friend far, and a phone call from across the oceans with words of encouragement pointed me toward His perspective.

And then in the midst of the mundane, standing with a cart full of groceries, we found the word "Ethiopia" penned on a note, carefully wrapped around seed money for this venture...and I felt that the sacrificial gift that had been placed on my windshield somehow reflected His heartbeat for the orphan, His sacrifice. Thank you, dear soul, for how God used you in the parking lot of Freddy's to give us a glimpse of Him.


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Karen said...

God is so Good!

Anonymous said...

I just want to encourage you in doing God's work. If Jesus was sitting right next to you when you made your decision, what do you think He would have said? As far as the money goes, we only started one adoption knowing where it would come from--God provided! As far as room, could you look any orphan in the eye and say you did not have enough room? Few Americans could.

Okay, off my soapbox :-) I just want to add that when we announced our impending fourth child people thought we were crazy! Fifth, even more so. Sixth, 1/2 thought we were beyond help but half were not surprised in the least! Seventh, shock (mostly because he arrived the biological route). Eighth--no surprise at all! Everyone had already deemed us insane and decided that if we could parent seven, we could parent eight. If we adopt again I am sure people will wonder why it took us so long to start the process again! We already have people cheering us on and those are the same that thought we were nuts when we first started building up the ranks.

Welcome to the Crazy Club. Four definitely puts you in the LARGE FAMILY camp!

Blessings to you!

Ann--Crazy For Kids!

Anonymous said...

I am so encouraged to hear how our Lord is already providing as you step out in faith. May you continue to be "wowed" by Him! Holding you up in prayer!


mom said...

a "thank you" from "mom" to whomever it was that listened and heard God's voice. mom

Delena said...

Holy cow, Riann. That's awesome. I've been thinking about your previuos post often and am so happy for you.