Thursday, September 17, 2009


Most days last fall, winter and into spring, I wore a scarf to keep me warm in our lovely (though drafty) home. I have been looking for a washable scarf (I was wearing my Vietnamese silk last year), minus the fringe and tails (think endless or circle scarf) and hoping to not, anything. Well, I came across a tutorial here, used an old t-shirt of Alex's and a pair of good scissors, and the results are below. Just thought someone else might need some inspiration for an easy, practical, cozy project.


mom said...

you are so clever...and beautiful, my dear girl. mama

Di said...

What a neat Idea!! I am going to share it with a good friend of mine!

Anonymous said...

so cool! can we all copy you?!!! I bet Alex's T-shirt was not XXL. :)
and I love your whole blog, by the way!
love you,

Ann Voskamp @Holy Experience said...

Like you...

All's grace,

Kristen said...