Monday, July 27, 2009

Thanksgiving in the garden

Once again, inspired by Ann, I give thanks publicly, and I wonder at the healing of doing so. For it does inspire wonder to print words that recognize God's graciousness and gifts, and this heavy heart lifted heavenward is lighter with the recognition of His hand in all things. And so, with thanksgiving, I pause in my garden...

:: For the beauty of honeysuckle and snowpeas twining, I thank You, master Artist ::

:: For handfuls of sweet, picked with joyfulness, I thank You, Joygiver ::

:: For the bounty of summer, I thank You, Provider ::

:: For the little one at my side, once fatherless, whose presence in our lives still makes me marvel, I thank You, Father ::


Anonymous said...

oh how I love you so dearly my friend. Your adoption journey has ignited my heart to care for the orphans. Thank you for leading the way and sharing your journey to MyLinh with all of us.

I like you.....

Ann Voskamp @Holy Experience said...

This was heart-breakingly beautiful.
Do peas and zinnias and children do that to you too?
Yes... that Master Artist.

Thank you for pulling me up close to His brushstrokes.

Leaves me deeply moved, His beauty does...

All's grace,

Kristen said...

amen. :)