Thursday, July 9, 2009


"A camera for you, Mom!" Malcolm beamed, presenting this lovingly constructed gift to me. I asked him to explain its various features, and he noted the handy lollipop and "really, really loud" whistle, as well as the map. I couldn't find the map on this nifty camera though, so he patiently directed me to the Cinderella sticker. "Right here. It's a map to Cinderella's castle, Mama, in case you want to go there."

Dear son, I thought, little do you know how much of my childhood I spent dreaming of princesses and castles. But now? Cinderella may have her castle. I have my 100 year-old house and lunchbox toting knight-in-shining armor. The glass slippers may be in short supply, but the Keens are just right for chasing little ones -- and my arms are full of those. Thank you, sweet boy, for the reminder of how very rich I am.


mom said...

indeed you are rich, my sweet girl. love, dad

p.s. and we are sitting and smiling and murmuring "hmmmmm" simultaneously. mom
we like your new look, too.

Anonymous said...

Love the new "header." And it is true, isn't it? We realize better where we are when we remember where we've been. Dreams coming true become little dreamers and dusty footprints across floorboards...

Anonymous said...

What a great imagination that sweet little one has. We love listening to his explanations of his works of art.
Hopefully some day he will have the opportunity to see Cinderella's
castle. Be sure to take the camera he made so you can take pictures.
Yes, you are very rich.
Love, Grandma, and Grandpap

Delena said...

Beautiful creation. Beautiful writing. Great reminder of our richness.

Kristen said...

how how sweet... :)

ps I love the new header and design of your web page! Cool!

loves to you all