Saturday, May 16, 2009


Counting my blessings again,
amazed at the richness of these spring days...

:: sunshine in a smile ::

:: pride and joy in a limit of trout and, after his perfect afternoon, "When I grow up, I am going to take kids fishing too..." ::

:: Nana's china carefully arranged for a sandbox tea party ::

:: precious girls ::

:: carpet of violets in the garden of a friend ::


Anonymous said...

Thank you Riann, for the beautiful pictures and captions. A sand box tea party sounds like great fun,and it seems to be enjoyed by two sweet girls.
Congratulations Monte.Did you catch all those fish? Wow, that must have been a yummy fish fry.
Love to you all,
Grandma and Pappy

mom said...

what delightful days! mom

janet said...

Your notes and pictures give a new dimension to the words Precious and Blessed.
I'm so grateful that you continued the original Blog. There is no better way to allow us to peek at your beautiful family as they grow and flourish!
Orange high-heels??? Love it!