Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mother's Day

MyLinh has become a little mommy lately, fussing with her baby doll. The blanket has to be wrapped just so ("Help-a, mama!" she calls), and then she is off, tottering through the house in clacking orange high heels, baby clutched closely.
This Mother's Day, I am thanking God for the woman whose arms He placed me in, the one who turned my heart toward Him, whose life made me desire motherhood as my own calling. I thank Him for the woman who raised the tender hearted man that my children call Daddy. And I thank Him for the woman in Vietnam who chose life for her daughter, for my daughter.


Karen said...

Riann, how sweet. Happy Mother's Day. Being a mother is truly a blessing from God!! :o)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Riann!

Julie Davis

Anonymous said...

I'm thankful for the mother He chose for our beautiful little Schells
Love, momtoo

Kristen said...

what a doll! Happy mothers day, Ri! Love you guys!

Delena said...

Sniff, Sniff. You need to post a warning before you write stuff like that! ;)