Saturday, March 21, 2009


One year ago today,

tear-filled with joy and fear,

we called you ours.

We reached for you,

who had been held so closely in our hearts.

I watched fierce, patient love from your daddy

as you grieved.

I watched brother-love,

sweet and unexpected.

I wondered at God's grace

when you blossomed in that love,


And today,

I see God more clearly

because of you, dear girl,

in our arms at last.


Anonymous said...

What an anniversary...what a celebration. How far you have come, as God's woman, as mom, as a FAMILY. God has done so much in all of your lives this past year. Glory to Him. Love reading your words. So good for me to remember what He has done. She is sparkle for us all. She has added such delight to us all.

Anonymous said...

She really does sparkle. That can only come from fierce love from all of you. Carry on!

Anonymous said...

God is faithful.

Anonymous said...

DITTO Abbie. perfectly said.


Anonymous said...

What a precious smile - it says it all:) Sue G.

everything we need is enough said...

She's all grown up!!! Such a beautiful little girl. (although I do miss the crazy hair, hehe)

Julie said...

So wonderful to think she has been with you for a year. God is good! Here is to many more years ahead - full of God's goodness, grace, and love!
Julie Davis