Friday, February 6, 2009


I remember your first cries
nine pounds of joy
four years ago
and now you are my superhero
speeding on red tricycle
armed with extravagant love and impish grin
and I wonder at how rich I am to call you


Kristen said...

...we are certainly blessed. Love you Malcolm, and happy birthday!
Auntie K & Uncle Johnny

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday,Malcolm.
It was fun to help you celebrate your special day.
We enjoyed watching you open your gifts with excitement, and a big smile.
We love you more each year.
Grandma and Pappy

Anonymous said...

I love this boy! Still like to look at him and wonder what his brain is thinking about?

mom said...

malkey,palkey, you are my sunshine...and my thunderstorm. so much emotion in such a small package. loving you..nona