Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Giving thanks

I joined the Gratitude Community a while ago at Holy Experience, and I have endeavored to daily practice giving thanks for His endless gifts in attitude and prayer. I have not started a list or a journal, though I have desired this, for myself and for my children. However, the "perfect" journal has yet to be found, the "perfect" place not yet created for it, and while I have contemplated and fussed over this, a season has turned and I lost great pieces of it.

So, this day, I am going to still this perfectionist in me and practice thanksgiving. I hope not to hum along with "My Favorite Things," but rather begin a practice of physical thanksgiving that will keep my heart turned heavenward and my eyes seeing all that is around as His gifts.

:: Valentines, tokens of love ::

:: work by two of my favorite artists ::

:: good books, comfortable chair, quiet time ::

:: Grandpa guiding and teaching ::


Anonymous said...

So thankful for you dear friend.

Kristen said...

God is so good. I am so thankful for you, and the dear family you have.
love you

Abbie Laine said...

What a reminder. Giving thanks is one of those things that won't get "burned up." So many other things do, and it's refreshing to remember that it's not wasted to stop and thank our God for Himself and His good gifts (everything...)