Monday, January 5, 2009


Christmas is over. (Alex announced that last night, and I don't know that I have heard it uttered aloud before.) But, it is over, and the nutcracker has been safely tucked away (Monte B. supervised), and the tree, now naked, adorns the back porch. Somehow the lights, that just weeks ago twinkled and delighted at the window, now seem garish.

Christmas is over, but this gift of a new year is just beginning. With this new calendar page, I am once again dreaming of purposeful living. I want this one-piece life I am weaving to be made of the stuff that stays, the things that count. And once again, I am seeking wisdom on just how to do that. Ann at reminded me to put the "big rocks in first" to make everything fit in my day (read her January 2 post and be challenged), and I am trying to figure out the big rocks in my life, the solid things that I want to define me, define my days. And then, how to make it work with the "little rocks," the necessary things like cooking and laundry and sweeping.

I am working on this, believing that God can still mold and change this fragile creature, believing too that He will reveal the "big rocks." And so, as I listen for Him, I will thank Him for fresh starts and this new year and the stories He will write through our lives -- and I am certain they involve less sweeping.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Riann, for the words you write of your true expression of wanting to live an obedient and faithful life. It's always so delightful to read your blog and see your amazing pictures. Thank you SO MUCH! Love you, Roxanne

mom said...

i love you and yours...mama

Ann said...

I was equally taken with the Holy Experience idea of rocks and blogged about it myself. Our whole family has been discussing what size each of our rocks in life are--a funny, Patrick says he's going to make his big rock be "eating more jello!" Ahhh . . . to be six!
I always love your pictures and hope we get to see you sometime in the near future.

Our Family said...

You have such a lovely spirit, Ri.