Saturday, January 24, 2009


The days have been full as children are learning, and mama is teaching, and the lessons are not so much about letters and numbers as they are about kindness and self-control. And so Friday arrived, and with lessons tucked in the bookcase and written on hearts (please, God), we trekked across the river to explore an old fort and roll down the grass hills and watch dusk settle on the week's end. And it was just what we needed.


Kristen said...

So sweet, your pictures...and life lessons. I will be embarking on those kind of lessons before I know it! :)

Just finished organizing all the baby clothes (into sizes)...thank you for the clothes you passed our way. What a special thing to tuck my boys in the same clothes as your little boys were in. :)

Love you!!

Delena said...

Beautiful photos. There's so much to training those littles hearts and minds.