Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Snow angels and laughter

We have had rare snow this lovely.

I also wanted to share some quotes from the boys, laughter for these cold, cold days.

Malcolm (age 3): "Who gave you those nice socks, Mommy?"
Me, looking at my cozy wool socks: "Gram and Papa did."
Malcolm: "That was nice."
Me: "Mm hmm."
Malcolm: "Who made them?"
Me: "I don't know."
Malcolm: "Maybe the PMS guy..."
Me: "You mean the UPS guy?"
Malcolm: "Yeah, the UPS guy. Maybe he used some swords and some tape and stuff to make them."
(At this point, instead of seizing a teaching moment and talking him through the origins of wool and the likelihood of manufacture in an Asian country, I just nodded, enjoying Malcolm's delightful vision of UPS man as elf, his brown truck holding sock-making tools like swords and reams of tape...)

Monte B. (age "six-and-three-quarters"): "Hey, Mom, I think I would like an air guitar for Christmas."
Life is good.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE IT. More quotes please:) My nephews are brilliant. Must be due to all the gum I am feeding them.
Auntie Susan

Anonymous said...

lol...I miss those days with my kids...they grow up fast!

mom said...

i am laughing out loud...maybe the ups(aka pms) guy can whip me up some of those'll have to share the story with him. i have an extra sword he can

Delena said...

I love those quotes, too. I've been stalking you lately. Irene said your blog was beautiful, and she was right. I enjoy reading.

Hope the PMS man can pull through with that air guitar ;)

Sarah said...

Thats funny!
MB is cheap to buy for at Christmas!!

dea said...

I love the PMS man! I think I can relate to that guy!!

If MB gets his air guitar, I'll be more than happy to join him in a jam session with my air drums. :)