Wednesday, December 10, 2008


My mom was here today, bringing a tulle skirt, Christmas white, that she had sewn for MyLinh. As MyLinh tip-toed and turned around the room, she sparkled. When Mom left later for home, she made it outside before coming back. In the doorway she spoke the words I think every day,
"She's ours...can you believe that? She's ours!"
May you be reminded today of what God has given you, and the Gift we get to call ours at Christmas.


Julie said...

Riann, that's beautiful. I love the picture of you and your girl! This Christmas will be so special for you all. Praising God with you.
Julie Davis

Di said...

Beautiful Photo of Mother and Daugher! Blessings!

Kristen said...

And what a precious gift she is. :) I am so glad we finally got to meet her.
Love you all.
K & J