Wednesday, November 19, 2008

"Slow us down..."

"In the name of Jesus Christ,

who was never in a hurry,

we pray, O God,

that You will slow us down,

for we know that we live too fast.

With all of eternity before us,

make us take time to live --

time to get acquainted with You,

time to enjoy Your blessings,

and time to know each other."

-Peter Marshall, 1902-1949


mom said...

come join me and we will a walk slowly down that road together, rejoicing in its loveliness, and being thankful for our little ones. xo mom

Anonymous said...

Life is full of many joyous moments that in our busy-ness we tend to let slip by unnoticed. Malcolm running to me with open arms and a big hug.....blissful to my soul. Thanks for raising children who express their love. I am a grateful recipient:)

Anonymous said...

That beautiful road brings to mind dear friends, many sweet "remembers," and much thankfulness that our lives have mingled with those who travel it.
Love, momtoo and dad

Wendy Smoke said...

good reminder.,, as I always feel the crushing press of the coming winter makes me want to do more and work faster. Also, thanks for the fall photo, I appreciate it. Wendy

Anne said...

I love this. Thanks for sharing it. I have never read it before. My husband and I "vowed" to have a slower paced family life than the "average" American family.

Today while Nicholas was in speech therapy, I commented to the therapist about how he was more attentive this week and did she notice that? We had talked the past couple of times about his attention span not being like normal because we had had a busier-than-normal schedule and he had not had much time to just play at home.

It really does make a difference. Thanks again for this beautiful post.