Thursday, October 9, 2008


MyLinh and my sister's sweet Anii have only 1 month between them. What a joy to raise daughters together! My grandpap has been asking for pictures of his "twins." Here are your twin girls, Grandpap!


Anonymous said...

You couldn't have made your Grandpap any happier.
He said he wants to show his twins to his friends. The pictures are beautiful.
With beautiful subjects like that, how could they be otherwise?
Many thanks for sharing them with us.
Our love to you all,
Grandma and Grandpap

Kristen said...

too cute!! What dolls you have! Can't wait to hold them in my arms and give them a squeeze. :)

Erika said...


Sarah said...

Such beautiful girls!

Dea said...

absolutely precious! such beauty is brought tears to my eyes!