Friday, August 15, 2008

First tooth

Monte B. lost his first tooth. Just like that, his baby smile has a gap in it, and the transition from little boy to big, is complete. Looking back over this school year and preparing for next, I realized just how much he has grown. He started the year counting and ended it doing subtraction and addition. He began the year with letter sounds and ended it reading Dr. Seuss and Frog and Toad are Friends. He can tie his shoes and ride a bike and count money and swim and cut an apple. And now he has a hole in his smile. I don't know exactly why I feel these tears welling, but I am stopping for a moment to thank God for this gift of brown eyes and gentle heart and brave soul, this son that made me a mother.


mom said...

and he is a dear soul to all of us. i love him so much. mom

Kristen said...

I am so proud of you Monte B! I can't believe how quickly you are growing up. Did the tooth fairy visit? ;)

Love you and miss you all!
Auntie K and Uncle Johnny

Diana said...

Aww Happy first tooth lost Monte!! Ryan you always write so wonderfully, that you made the tears well in my eyes! :-) Diana

Anonymous said...

Monte B.,We are very proud of you. You have accomplished so much.
Loosing your first tooth is
very exciting.
I am looking forward to hearing you read.
Riann, you are a great writer and select the perfect photos for your blog.We love all of you. Grandma and Grandpap.