Tuesday, August 19, 2008


The new smile...

The boys went bounty hunting this morning. At a nickel a piece, the slugs were worth their weight in gold. Monte B. carefully collected, wearing plastic bags over his hands to fend off the slime. Malcolm thrashed in the brush with a shop-vac attachment and victory whoops, expecting to flush out the slugs like covey of quail. The boys were delighted to show me their oozing prey, and I was thrilled to pay up (though it nearly broke me)!

As I rummaged in my bathroom drawer to find change to pay the bill, I ran across a matchbox car. I run across them everywhere, and for those that don't have little boys in the house, here is what you are missing: a school bus found in depths of purse, race cars in mama's raincoat pockets, monster trucks in the couch cushions, and a firetruck parked behind the toilet (gross, but true).

And, of course, dear girls

MyLinh and sweet cousin, Anii


Kristen said...

Oh my, that is so sweet. You had be giggling at the boys with the slugs and oohing and ahhing over the 2 sweet girls. I can't believe how big Anii is! Wow! Beautiful!
Love to all! K & J

Diana said...

How adorable! Love the missing tooth, and the photos of the girls. They are all so cute! We were laughing about the slugs, and the cars!! HAHA Cute! Diana

Our Family said...

What fun you guys have! Too bad I don't have slugs for the kids to root around for in my yard...just dangerous stuff.

Peaches and My Linh have the same dress! How cute!


mom said...

...and they're all mine. what a blessed woman i am. mom