Friday, May 9, 2008


Some photos that capture the past two weeks...

Monte B. is thoroughly enjoying T-ball.
Malcolm made playdough birthday cakes for us...delicious.
Our beautiful girl...we have been home for one month now, yet she feels so much a part of the fabric of our days.
My kitchen windowsill tells stories. I imagine most do. Some of my treasures...seashells from Vietnam, a favorite dinosaur awaiting a bath, and bluebells collected by small hands.

The days are full and sweet. God is good.


Anonymous said...

You are such a blessing! Your power with words reaches "way down" inside and touches me in a special way! Thank you for keeping this going and continuing to be the blessing you are!

Anonymous said...

Riann and Alex,
Thank you for continuing your blog.I keep checking, and was happy to see your entry,and the beautiful photos.
Happy Mother's Day to a dear Grand daughter.
Grandma and Grandpap

Anonymous said...

It's always so good to see something added. How nice of you to share your life. Colby was jumping up and down this morning saying baby when I told him we would check for new pictures. All of your kids are adorable, of course, but he's just so fond of "baby". I hope that you enjoyed your Mother's Day yesterday and you have a good week.
Jen G.

Kristen said...

Sweet, sweet, sweet. I love the pictures of all the kids. And the windowsill precious. Thank you Ri. We love you guys. Hugs and kisses all around.
Auntie K and Uncle Johnny

Kristen said...
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Kristen said...

Hi Riann,
It was such a treasure to see you in Wenatchee a couple weeks ago! Thank you for sharing your life and loves so openly has inspired me! Hopefully we can connect a little through the blogsphere. Blessings to you today as you love those sweet little ones!
love Kristen Kill

Diana said...

I love the Spring/Summer season! T-ball memories with the kids! Very cute photos of the kids! So happy and content. And the photo of your window, I LOVE that! Such a great capture and made me think about my story on mine! Diana