Wednesday, April 2, 2008


My girl...

The wood stamp shop
View through a doorway

Another quiet day. It was rainy, but we braved the chaos of the Old Quarter again, in hopes of finding a wood stamp shop we had heard about it. What a delight to find the father/daughter enterprise in a tiny storefront. We poured over options and had fun ordering!

We enjoyed an incredible vegetarian lunch at Tamarind. The spring rolls were delicious, and Alex enjoyed his pineapple-pear-starfruit juice. Since we have to return to the neighborhood tomorrow to pick up our stamps, we are glad of the excuse to lunch there again. Another milestone...when the waitress reached for MyLinh, she shook her head "no" and leaned into me!

The past two hours have been spent with our Holt travel agent here trying to pay for our hotel. There was some kind of mix up with our credit card on the VN side of things (complicated by the language barrier), and after hours of phone calls, we still were not able to use it. The phone system definitely does not add to the ease of any kind of transaction!

I have wanted to describe something we see every day that is so interesting. Pregnant women ride "side saddle" on motorbikes. Now picture this...maternity fashion here is quite fussy. These darling gals are decked in high waisted jumpers or bow-bedecked blouses, and they sit, so flouncily attired, like grand ladies on their steeds. The image just creates such a tableau of serenity and grandness...befitting their condition. I love watching these gals go by!

We still haven't figured out the traffic rules (other than "each man for himself"), and this was never more obvious than today. We have mentioned before the perilousness of crossing the street, with motorbikes and cars cruising by you as you head across the crosswalk... Well, we drove by an entire wedding party today. The guests, the groom, and the bride with her white dress gathered in her arms, all stood at the side of the street, attempting to cross. Not one vehicle slowed! It appeared, as our taxi raced by like the rest, that the entire wedding party would attempt to cross traffic like anyone else, weaving in and out of moving vehicles. Crazy! Although it was disturbing to not see anyone slow, it has been refreshing that in no situation have we seen people angry about being cut off, slowed down, or nearly run over. We were actually in a car that hit a motorcyclist, and although our driver flinched a little (in guilt, perhaps?), the cyclist just went on his way. No road rage's amazing!


Kristen said...

What gorgeous pictures...I especially love the one of Ri and MyLinh kissing. So precious!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Kristen!- Riann and MyLinh kissing, voted best picture !!!


Anonymous said...

Your girl indeed! What a beautiful picture of you and MyLinh. Your photographer is awesome!

Anonymous said...

Riann & Alex,
Boy am I glad you told me about her not going to the waitress, it was just in time to stop me from dieing my hair black. Hollie (my hair dresser is here today) Only joking. Hollie is here though. She is just doing a trim, because I might have botched the back when I trimmed it. Of course, she will say the whole things is uneven, so who knows how I will look tomorrow, but today I can live with it. Love you guys so much. These pictures are so fantastic. I am so thankful for you five.
Auntie Melody and Uncle Mark

Anonymous said...

Great pictures, have loved reading about your progress. Please come home safe. We are waiting for you to get back here, so we can all see your new bundle of joy. She is so cute, can hardly wait to see her in person. Love to all Pam and the rehab staff

mom said...

ditto kristen,colleen,and susan. my 2 girls. mom

Erika said...

A stamp shop!! Sounds just up my alley. Love you new pictures. Can't wait to have you home safe. Love you

Anonymous said...

Ditto Mom!! ;o)

Doesn't it feel great saying "My girl"? Congratulations!!