Thursday, April 3, 2008


For those adoptive parents planning on traveling here soon, don't worry about bringing lots of toys. MyLinh has spent much of the morning playing the delightful game of "Put Plastic Container in Front Load Washer/Close the Door/Take Plastic Container out of Front Load Washer." She is very easily entertained and has begun to explore on her own. As she grows more secure, it is a delight to see her blossom.

Oh, tremendously interesting fact: the washer also acts as a dryer! I have not come across this nifty combination machine before. Although it is a space saver, it "steams" the clothes dry, leaving you with a permanently wrinkled load (giving "permanent press" a whole new meaning). Should I come across as complaining, let me clarify that I am tremendously grateful for the means to wash our clothes!

We are thinking about exploring the botanical gardens this morning, but it is 10:00 a.m., we are still puttering around in our room. We are all low in energy today. Maybe today's adventure needs to lead us to a cup of that sturdy Vietnamese slow drip coffee! (I will enjoy a stiff cup of tea, perhaps...wait, chocolate has caffeine...we are off!)


Anonymous said...

She and malcolm will get along just great: i found my clogs, shoes, 2 pr.of boots, and slippers in the washing machine this a.m. After looking EVERYWHERE for monte's bumper seat, i found IT in the dryer. fun days ahead!! mom

StaceynCorey said...

oh my, too too cute! Thanks for the advice. We're packing now and have been trying to decide which toys to bring and how many. I think we'll just take a few and leave the packing space for everything else.