Tuesday, April 8, 2008


What sweet days these have been...join us in thanking God for His continued faithfulness. The transition with the boys could not be going more smoothly. Although Malcolm is tolerating sister, Monte B. adores her, and MyLinh is loving the attention all the way around. God is good!

Your continued prayers are coveted though, as Alex and Malcolm both have fevers and colds, and MyLinh is still on Vietnam time. She has had really rough nights, and Alex and I can't seem to get our clocks adjusted either. With the sick and the sleep deprivation, we are still operating on survival mode, although as we watch this beautiful girl playing with her brothers -- in our home -- we are in awe of the wonder of this miracle of adoption.

Thank you all for the grace extended as we are holing up and won't be venturing out into the wide, wide world again until we can get healthy and rested. We cannot thank you all enough for the incredible support and encouragement that has been extended via this blog, during this journey. We have been richly, richly blessed by you who have walked this with us, cried with us, rejoiced with us. We look forward to introducing you all to the precious one you have helped bring home.


Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord!! What a joy to see the 3 of your children together at home...I will continue to pray for the adjustments ahead,health and sleep! Love to you all,ConnieLou

Anonymous said...

I can't stop looking at the wonderful picture of the THREE of them. She looks so at home with her brothers. She is finally where she belongs. Take care!

Anonymous said...

We love you all so much. We are so thrilled with the picture of the three together. What a blessing.
Auntie Melody & Uncle Mark

Anonymous said...

What a great picture! Sorry you are sick. Praying for quick healing and rezoning! love, Sue G.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! What an adorable picture of YOUR THREE CHILDREN!!!!
All the girls heard me laugh with joy at the sight of that photo and within seconds they were all gathered around ouing and awing at your tribe. How precious! You are in our prayers as you all adjust to the transition home with MyLinh.
Good night and may everyone sleep through the night!

Love and prayer,

April, Tom and the Veggie Girls

Anonymous said...

Perfection! Congratulations, and get well soon.

:o) Dea

Julie said...

Love - Love - Love the picture of your three beautiful children! Praise God~ Julie Davis

Anonymous said...

ahhhh & sighh SO glad you are HOME!
God is good.


see you soon

Jordan and Amber said...

So fun to see my nephews together w/ their sis. They look so comfortable together! I would agree w/ MB... you got "the best baby"!
Hope you are able to have the alone time you need to get rested and healthy. Love, Big bro

Anonymous said...

Welcome Home, and please all get well. We are all praying for you, and still very excited to meet your daughter.Your blog today brought tears to my eyes, I am so very happy for you all to be home. The picture of all of them together is awesome. How happy they all look. We miss you. Love Pam and the Rehab Gang

Anonymous said...

Welcome home little one. Papa B. and I just melted when we saw you smile. And we were so thankful you let us take you in our arms.
We love you,
Gram and Papa B.

StaceynCorey said...

What a precious picture! I hope you all get to feeling better and back on your own time zone soon. Enjoy settling in to life as a family of five.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful surprise when I opened your blog today.There were three of our great grand children smiling.It was a wonderful feeling to see the three of them together.Thank you for sharing the picture and story.Get well and rested soon.
Our love,
Grandma and Grandpap.

Max & Anne-Marie said...

What a picture to treasure! All three kids so cheerful and with short-short hair! I will be praying for your health and sleeping to improve. It took our Nicholas 7-10 days to adjust to the timezone and then night waking continued until just recently...perhaps his way of dealing with the change as we have been fortunate to not really have other transition problems so far.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad the first part of your journey in life with your baby girl is successfully behind you...with all of it's ups and downs. It has been wonderful to catch-up with you on your sight, and the photos..wow! It's amazing how much the world has changed since our adoptions, there wasn't e-mail available to all. I pray the rest of your journey in life with your precious family will be as blessed as this journey was.
Whoever thinks adopting a child is the "easy" way to get one, has never adopted...right? Thanks for all your sharing. Wendy S.

Diana said...

Three BEAUTIFUL happy, healthy children!! Those smiles are priceless! Diana