Saturday, April 19, 2008

Sweet days

The days have been sweet. It has been quiet here, as we are slowly coming out of our quarantine. We are grateful for health and a little girl who is sleeping 12 hours at night and big brothers that adore her.

Although a traumatic dermatology appointment for Malcolm and dental appointments for Monte and Daddy don't make the highlights list, but they did fill up this week. Some highlights include:
  • Packages, flowers, cookie dough, cards, homemade barley soup, expressions of love arriving almost daily. We have felt so loved!
  • Monte's first t-ball practice! Great fun for the whole family as MyLinh enjoyed meeting some of the folks that prayed her home (including one family, with their lifestyle of faith living, that inspired us to adopt when we did). Malcolm enjoyed collecting pinecones to feed to sister.
  • Bath-tub extras...ahem. Although MyLinh is using the potty (it still cracks us up to see her perched on the chair), she is not completely potty-trained. One forgets that toddlers and bathtime can be a bad combination. I have had to go "fishing" too many times this week for things that should NOT be in the tub.
  • First steps! MyLinh is walking! She is making strides (pun intended) daily, and it is so fun to watch. The last count was 12 steps in a row.
  • Pork fried rice and wonton soup, thanks to an honorary uncle. A delicious taste of Asia prepared with love and delivered to our table.

We are marveling that it takes two adults to corral three kids. We are going to have to get our act together in order for me to be able to take the reins by next weekend when Alex returns to work!


Anonymous said...

missing you all!! cannot wait till tomorrow...should be so much fun. love you all, mom xoxoxoxoxooxo p.s. sorry, malcolm about your owies..not fun.wish i could kiss them and make them better.

Diana said...

It was wonderful to see all of you the other day when you came for a visit. GREAT to meet your beautiful daughter! Your boys are soooo sweet and polite and your daughter a joy! You looked rested and I am glad to hear she's sleeping 12 hrs!!! WOW! It'll be good to see Alex at the office, but for now....enjoy all the time you can get! :-) Diana

Anonymous said...

What a busy but happy goes by so quickly! Love,ConnieLou

Anonymous said...

It's great to hear that you are all feeling better and getting some probably much needed rest and quiet time.
My boys keep asking for more pictures...hint, hint!! :)
I've heard how absolutely adorable and sweet your daughter is. Hopefully we'll be able to meet her sometime too.
Jen G.

Jordan and Amber said...

Hey is! I am an avid angle and have "gone fishing" for brown trout myself a time or "two". Ha! Never really developed a good recipe. maybe you could share any?
Hey, Hope your family is doing well. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Love jordan

Kristen said...

Love the highlights...sorry that all of them aren't necessarily fun. :D So glad to hear things are going well. Are prayers are with you.
Much love
XXOO Auntie K and Uncle Johnny

Abbey said...

Way to go Alex & Ryen! You are now playing zone defense! I know you are going to do awesome & I am praying for you all!