Friday, April 4, 2008


Tonight was our last chance for an early flight home, but it was not to be. So, we are now readying for tomorrow night's midnight departure. Our flights home are grueling. After leaving at midnight from Hanoi, we arrive in Seoul at 7 in the morning. We depart Seoul at 6 at night! Twelve hours later we finally touch down on U.S. soil. We would love prayers for the smoothness of the flight (i.e. sleeping, happy baby) and layover hours.

We enjoyed today. It was mellow and gray, and after a quiet morning, we walked the botanical gardens near here. There was very little in bloom (begonias, cyclomen, and chrysanthemums were the only color), but walking the quiet paths along tree lined ponds was pleasant. Alex got a kick out finding a large cage of monkeys, and I was thrilled to finally see birds (although they were caged too). It was a lovely morning.

Rooftop dining near Hoan Kiem Lake was a treat. We enjoyed prawns for dinner, an incredible view, and excellent company. MyLinh loved my strawberry sundae (that tasted very little like strawberries and mostly, and she made friends (yet again) with the waitstaff! We are hoping for sunshine tomorrow as we say good-bye to this lovely country.


Anonymous said...

I have immensely enjoyed your posts and especially the pictures of MyLinh -- love the Friday picture of her with Alex! I wish you all safe and smooth travels. You will be home soon. :)

All the best,

Maria, Madeleine and family (Holt BB)

Anonymous said...

come home to us. We will find you a cage of monkeys!
Love you,

Anonymous said...

Riann & Alex,
Love you all so much. I can't help but notice, in the later of the pictures how comfortable she looks with you. The genuineness in her smiles. God is so good!
Auntie Melody & Uncle Mark

Anonymous said...

Godspeed! (I've always wanted to say that!!)

In following up Colleen's remark...wouldn't having Conor, Kyle, Alan and Austin in Sunday School constitute having some monkeys around? Or are they more Gorilla-ish?

Come home!!


Anonymous said...

Godspeed as well on your return. I guess I better get my card to you out in the mail!! Have loved the blogging and photos - beautiful. Take care on the way home - protect yourselves with hydration and walking and grace toward tiredness!( my legs are sore from an overseas trip to Isreal) - we'll catch up - Love Sue G.

Anonymous said...

Moom-gjo....funny stuff

Anonymous said...

Riann and Alex,
Thank you so much for sharing your journey with all of us. It's been great to see God blessing you, and it has been a blessing to us to follow. We are so happy you will soon be home with family and friends. It would be great if you would keep those of us who don't get to see you often updated occassionally through your blog. Or I suppose I could just pump Stephanie and Lydia for information on how things are. :)

We'll pray for a smooth, safe trip home.

Jen Gillihan

Julie said...

I will be praying for your return home. I second the request for an ongoing blog so we can keep up on Mylinh's integration into your family, and seeing all five of you together!
Julie Davis

Anonymous said...

Not really sure what godspeed means (never have) but if it means I pray that God has his hand on your trip and keeps you safe with a speedy return home then it would be much quicker to say "godspeed". :)Can't wait to see you guys!

ps. I have a few monkeys to add to the cage.

Anonymous said...

May all your senses be filled to the brim and locked up forever in your special memory box God gives us. And thank you for taking us on the journey with you. What a team you make in so many ways. Alex is a pro and amazing at photo journaling and capturing the beauty of a moment. And Riann is masterful at drawing us into your story and experience, in such sweet details. Exited to have you back and hear even more! REst well even if you aren't rested =0)

"Take my yoke upon you and
will give you rest."

My prayer is that all fear is gone and replaced with peace. So I picture angels on each wing of the plane.=0)

Anonymous said...

Your baby is beutiful, and fortunate to have you both as parents.

Have a safe return.

Uncle Mack

Anonymous said...

I am excited to hear that you are finally coming home. Have a safe and "happy" flight. Will be praying for you to get home safely. Now I am very excited to meet the new one. Love Pam

Lyd said...

Ri and Alex, My kids had so much fun playing with Monte B. yesterday, tearing around Alder Drive...every now and then, I'd hear Jacob say, "...and then she chased the third rice cracker all over the table with her nose! She loves rice crackers!!" (Jacob, Claire, AND Sam could NOT stop talking about her!!) I picked up matching dresses for our girls... oh how fun to say that! :) Our whole family can't get you out of our heads and hearts, we're all praying for your safe and happy return. LOVE, the Bouts Brood

Anonymous said...

Can hardly wait to see your faces for real.
I want Alex to come to the barn so he can drive the tractor with his boys!

Anonymous said...

Rod Stewart once sang "Every picture tells a story". And your pictures have been an Encyclopedia.
From the first pictures of a very pensive MyLinh, to those today of a child secure in Love, throwing back her head and laughing from the center of her being!
So ends this First Chapter of the combined lives the expanded Schell family.
There hasn't been one single day that I haven't had to reach for a hankie for the treat of reading your notes and seeing the pictures.
Coming Home...
Welcome Home MyLinh!!!

Anonymous said...

AMEN. mom and dad

StaceynCorey said...

Have a safe and uneventful trip home. Can't wait to see pics of you guys finally home!

Anonymous said...

You may not realize this but some of us are going through withdrawls not having heard from you in so long. I keep signing on for a glimmer of "We made it through the first flight, anxiously awaiting the second which leads us home.
Love you so much,
Auntie Melody

Jordan and Amber said...

By the time you read this, you will be well on your way home,if not actually here. I just want to tell you how enjoyeable it has been to watch this chapter of your lives unfold. It has been truly amazing to watch God's hand in your daughter's life as has transitioned from a scared little girl into a daughter secure in her parent love. It has also been amazing to see all the love,support and prayer from you friends and church family. Thanks for sharing w/ us.

To all of you who have been praying for my Sis and her family, "Thank You".

Signing off, Big Bro

Anonymous said...

Ri and Alex,
Well you should be home today. Hope that you had a safe flight and we have been praying for you often. Enjoy your next few days with your whole family and know that God is so good. You will be a wonderful family of five now. Can you believe it! We all hope to meet MyLinh soon and see how big she is getting. We have enjoyed looking at all of the pictures and so good to see you all so happy. You made it through the rough time and now as Sean would say "bask in the ambiance" See you soon. Jammie