Tuesday, April 1, 2008


After an afternoon at the US Embassy, we have MyLinh's visa! Unfortunately, even though we are now free to go, we can't get a flight home. We spent almost two hours trying to figure out the phone system and connect with the airlines (the airline phone number that I was assured would work from Vietnam does not work from Vietnam). The airlines told us to keep trying back as something could come available. We would love to come home...really love to come home early. The next 5 days are stretching quite long ahead of us.

MyLinh is well...cheerfully playing, napping, and enjoying both mommy and daddy. (Hurrah!) She shared my chocolate mud cake at lunch (I am fast regaining the 10 pounds I lost the first week of this trip), and that was a hit! We thought we were celebrating an early trip home. Bummer.

I shot some cute photos of MyLinh that were a lovely shade of green, but we will try to fix them and post them as black and white. Many thanks for your continued prayers and encouraging words. We are so grateful for the comments and e-mails. May you taste and see that the Lord is good today...


Anonymous said...

How great that the paperwork is complete. It seems strange that you are once again playing the waiting game. As you snuggle in with your daughter your hearts long for your boys. Our hearts long for you as well.
We will see you soon, Lord willing.

Anonymous said...

We (the Royal WE) all look forward to your return Home. The past couple of weeks have flown by so quickly, & have been so Wrenching, then so Wonderful to watch!
Thank You for sharing this electronic Baby Book for the Bootiful MyLinh.
Three nights ago, I dreamed that I saw Alex writing a bike, and MyLinh was standing on his shoulders, waving and smiling.
But part of my heart wishes you
would be there a bit longer, you
have not taken a bad picture (at least that has been posted), and the descriptions of your adventure have touched every heart!
Heart Hugs....janet

sarah h2o said...

Maybe we could get you an early flight as far as Cardiff. That could work......