Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wednesday Pictures

Crepes for breakfast.

Mom's photoshoot.

Learning to walk with Dad.

Love those rice crackers.


Jordan and Amber said...

Ri, Thanks so much for the pics.Fun to see Alex w/ her. I sure looks like our prayers are being answered. J
p.s. is there any way to bring back some of those crepes? Let's see, you leave at 2345 on date x and get here 1200 on same day so the crepes would be so fresh they might not even be cooked yet!

asian~treasures said...

Yea, hooray, happy day!!!!!!! MyLinh is walking with her daddy. If that picture isn't evidence of answered prayer, no picture us. : ) The other pictures of her smiles are just too fun!!

Sheri, David, Micah & Noah-in VN

Anonymous said...

What fun to see all those smiles,and walking with her Daddy. The restaurant food looked pretty good, especially the dessert.
Your blog is top priority at our house.We check it the first thing in the a.m. during the day, and before we go to bed. (we don't wantt to miss anything.)Great picture of you,Riann and MyLynh, also.
Your grandpap sends his love and is patiently waiting to give all of you a big hug.
Much love to the three of you,
Grandma and grandpap