Monday, March 24, 2008


Sweet, sweet day! It is just about 1:45 in the afternoon, and MyLinh will be heading down for a nap soon, but I am just wanting to let everyone know that we have had a great day! God is good! Our morning started out rough, but things have just been sweet from there. Alex is getting some smiles and even laughs, and although MyLinh still reaches first for me, she is responding positively to Alex. The difference between today and yesterday is like black to white...not short of a miracle if I am not sacriligious in saying so.

One of the reasons we have posted so few photos of MyLinh is that we have taken so few. The first day she just cried and slept, the second and third days she cried whenever Alex looked at her (or pointed a camera toward her), and I have never had her far enough from my body to get a camera to focus on her...until today! We have a little girl who actually climbed off my lap for the first time today (grabbed her toy, then clambered back on), and we have been able to shoot some photos! We will post a few once she is snoozing.

We took a long walk this morning (buying pineapple for dinner tonight), and then we headed to Dong Da to see the Temple of Literature and do a little shopping. (There are some stores there that sell ethnic goods, and fair proceeds actually make it back to the artists.) We enjoyed an excellent Vietnamese lunch at Koto before heading back to our quiet sanctuary. The restaurant trains street kids to a liveable hospitality profession, and it has a great reputation for food. It was excellent, and Alex had an especially interesting plate of spring roll makings, served on a banana leaf. MyLinh and I shared a fried rice dish...we are still figuring out just what she will eat. The "normal" American baby foods are quite different. We tend to feed fruits for breakfast, and she was used to beef porridge for two of her three meals a day! (The other is a yogurt/cheese snack in the middle of the day.) She has not taken well to applesauce (sorry, Papa B.) or bananas or peaches. We are learning!

Sweetpea is headed for a rest soon, but as I have been typing, yet another milestone...she is playing with toys (solo) on the floor! Thinking of you all...


Anonymous said...

Good morning Alex and Riann,
I have been teaching this dear lady in our Church to sew and I asked her about this porridge bit. She said when babies mother's die or can not produce milk (I do not know the situation there) they are fed a rice porridge when we would feed our babies formula. They start out with the broth made from the rice, then as they get older, the water will have meat and vegetables added for flavor, then strained out and rice put in to get it's flavor. The more rice in the porridge, the older a baby is, because you do not want them to fuss and need to eat to often.
So she has probably had that from birth, just thicker and with a vegetable/meat broth as she grew. So, I would compare that to the bottle that is hard for babies to give up. It is nutritional though and as the juice becomes less the rice becomes more and it becomes just a rice dish before they know.
You may have already figured this out, but since Lucia is from China, she says that is universal in many Asian countries. Many mothers can't produce milk, so they for one reason or another are on the porridge almost from birth. Lucia is good for information on my side. I have been enjoying having her over for the last few days to work on her quilt for Care Net. She's a neat Christian lady.
Auntie Melody

Anonymous said...

So happy to hear things are progressing well. The photo's are wonderful, especially the one with Alex and MyLinh! FYI: Emily has never taken to applesauce and your daughter is in good company. I have a feeling she'll make the adjustments very well, though. You seem to be handling everything beautifully.

Thank you God!


Anonymous said...

It was such a relief to read about you three having a much better day. I am so happy for you and proud to know two people as good and kind as you both are. Enjoy these sweet moments.-Dani