Friday, March 21, 2008

Settling in Hanoi

Alex and I were finally just able to read the comments on our blog. We have been unable to access the blog, even though we can post to it. The two of us sat here and wept as we read the words of encouragement and blessing from so many. We sit here tear-stained and weary and so thankful for the God we serve and the richness of His blessings, including each of you. We are tremendously homesick.

We have had some bumps in the road...Alex's camera appears to have a defective sensor. Big, bummer of a problem. It is occasionally taking good pictures, but the rest of the time, the photos come out completely green. He has little luck problem solving online. We knew we should bring the film camera as backup, but we were feeling really pressed for we are here without a working camera. We have also just blown our adaptor. Ug.

We are trying to settle MyLinh in for a nap at our hotel in Hanoi. It is very Western style, and we are thankful for many of the amenities, including a washer and dryer, kitchenette, soft pillows, sparkling clean tub (in which MyLinh and mommy had a good soak) and critter-free floors! It is spendy, but it is nice to be so comfortable. It is rainy and warm here, and we have yet to check the forecast for the week. We are glad to have the hot, hot damp of Danang behind us!

We arrived around 10:00 a.m., thankful for a smooth flight. MyLinh has decided that mommy is the only one for her today. She screams and writhes when Alex picks her up (or if I put her down). She has eaten fairly well today, thanks especially to the staff at the Elegant who fixed her rice and beef porridge (her staple food) and then fed it to her, while we gobbled breakfast before our early flight.

Thanking God for your prayers,



Anonymous said...

i can't keep away from the computer much as i have thought the internet is a "curse", i am so thankful for it right must have just posted because i,seconds ago, blogged your last posting. am happy about your new accomodations, and am even happier thatmylinh is eating and liking her mommy. we are thinking of you constantly.xoxo mom

Erika said...

I just missed your 4am blog by seconds...but I was so excited to come home from work and read two! So glad to hear that things are going well. Bummed to hear about the camera (and the adapter). Hope you are able to fix it so you don't have to resort to the video camera for still shots. Love you bunches.
PS Mona, the internet is only a curse if you have dial up.

John Koeshall said...

Love you guys! Glad to hear MyLinh is doing better - God is good!
Bummer about your camera...wish we could help. ugh.
You are constantly in our thoughts and prayers.
much love to you all.
Kristen and Johnny

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that you have better accomodation. Very sorry to hear about the camera though. I drempt last night that you brought 3 daughters home and that Joel and Monte.B were running upstairs to play to get away from the girls. Sweet dreams!
I hope that you manage to get some good sleep over the next few nights and that MyLinh continues to settle down with you. Glad to hear that Ri and MyLinh are bonding, and Alex don't forget who got the breakthrough!!
Thinking of you all the time - even in my sleep!
love to you all
Sarah xxx

Jordan and Amber said...

Hey sis, just heading to work and needed to do a quick check. Glad she's bonding to you. To bad about the camera-can you get a diposable over there? ALex thanks for taking care of my sis. J

Julie said...

Alex & Riann, Irene passed your blog address along to me, and I'm enjoying it so much! My prayers are with you and I'm just so excited for you and your entire family. MyLinh is beautiful and such a gift. Praying for you as you continue to adjust and await your return home! I hope you'll keep your blog up for a bit after you return as I'd love to keep seeing your pictures! Blessings,
Julie (Downing) Davis

Anonymous said...

Blessings and prayers coming your way:) - Love, Sue G.

Anonymous said...

I love my sweet family.
Auntie Jerri

Anonymous said...

Sparkling clean tub... aahhhh! thanks for that mental pic. The deet doused sleep was hard to think about. -You are so much the buzz of this little community. so many well wishers and love for you. Praying for pics to work.:(

Happy Easter! The Lord has risen indeed!

p.s. I hear the chicks are VERY well loved!

we love you all,
Colleen and fam

Anonymous said...

Your boys are doing great. Loved seeing them at Good Friday service. I looked out the sanctuary window to see Nana and Papa pulling them in the wagon...what fun they are having! When Malcolm saw me he said "Can I pet you Auntie Susan". My heart melted away.......
We had the pleasure of meeting Susie, Spike, Boots and Snow after the service too!
missing you all,

E&K &Kids said...

Hope you can get the camera issue worked out. If not, I know there are lots of places in Hanoi where you can purchase them. It may be a sacrifice, but definatly worth it to catch all these first moments. The hotel staff could probably direct you to where.
I can totally relate to the clean bath and hotel. Our hotel in HCMC was not clean and I did not even want to bath the baby there. When we got to Hanoi, it was much easier to relax in a nicer environment.
Enjoy celebrating Jesus in a country where so many need to know Him!
Kim Crawford

Anonymous said...

blog fever seems to have hit hard in Washington and around the world as is our lifeline these days... miss you like crazy, long to hold our new grandbaby (baby willing) but hope you can treasure these precious days together. our prayers are among many.
We love you.
mom(too) and dad(also)

Lyd said...

I'm very green at this whole blogging thing, but you guys have me hooked and are dragging me into the 21st century! What an adventure...last night after I read your posts, I had that far from home feeling I'd get whenever I'd leave the country! Thank you for bringing us all along with you. Please send out any specific prayer requests, there's tons of us praying for the five of you all the time. Sending big hugs and kisses from WA! Lyd

gloryb said...

We are all enjoying your updates and pictures! The girls all think she is adorable. Enjoy this special unique time with MyLinh. Happy Easter!

Love and prayers,
The Veggie Girls and their parents.

asian~treasures said...

Glad to hear that you made it safely to HaNoi & that MyLinh is attaching to her...even though that can be hard on her daddy! That's what we experienced with Micah...he wanted absolutely NOTHING to do with Daddy for what seemed like forever.
Praying the days continue to bind her heart to yours & knowing that God can do just that!!

Sheri--Holt BB

Anonymous said...

Glad you're in improved accomodations! There's nothing like a clean tub and critter free floors!! Zoinks!

Have a blessed Easter! "Christos Anesti"! Greek for "He is Risen". (Ask your mom how to say it! ;o)

Hugs and kisses for all of you.

The Gjo's

Anonymous said...

hi kids, i amd just updating...gma and gpa gaidrich here and we're reading the blogs together..gma has had dificulty getting posted so i am going to try and show her what to do. we just finished our basket hunt..boys loved it. anii even joined us. good job getting the stuff all together. loves to all mom xoxoxooxoxo

Jordan and Amber said...

Hey sis happy easter! been checking all day. Hope it was a good one for you. Actually, I guess you are probably eating breakfast on easter as aI write. Enjoy. Mom told me the boys were just getting ready to do the egg hunt. I was going to convince them that I just saw the Eggs being delivered across from my station so it would still be several hrs before the eggs got down south. Mom said, 'no'. Spoilsport. Sounds like they are having fun. Love, bro

Anonymous said...

Dear Riann and Alex,
Dani and I got off the phone about an hour ago and she told me that I could tell you. She will be telling mom and dad tomorrow (Easter). They have been told that they can adopt the baby or babies (twins run in the family). So they are pretty excited. Middle to end of September and I will be a grandma again. I knew you would be happy to hear. Love you,
Auntie Melody and Uncle Mark